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Bespoke Ketubah Design

Bespoke Ketubah Design

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Having a Bespoke Ketubah made is a beautiful and ever lasting memory of the values and symbols that are meaningful to you going into your marriage and often goals you would like to strive for within your marriage. 
Having a Ketubah representing these ideas hanging on your wall within your home is a constant reminder of this and of such a sacred day within your lives.


Together we discuss what symbols, imagery, colours and perhaps words or quotes you would like to incorporate into your design. I will then create some sketches with those in mind, once we are all happy with the layout and concept, your Ketubah design will be created.This is then made into a Limited Edition usually of 180 prints and you will receive the first (or any number you choose) within the edition. The Ketubah text you require, will be discussed and confirmed with your Rabbi before your Ketubah's production is completed. If you would like your text to be completed, so that only the witnesses signatures are needed on the day, this can also be done with the assistance of your Rabbi. 


This is a wonderful process to share with you as a couple and I always love to work on new exciting projects with my couples.

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